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HRCH Imperials Electric Barbarella
"Barbie" is a Simon pup, and a member of the legendary "5-Champion Litter" from 2018.  She's an exceptional marking dog, and runs a great line.  Her drive is phenomenal, as is her intelligence. Barbie has Excellent hips, Normal elbows, a normal CERF, and is Clear for EIC, CNM, PRA, and is Yellow-factored.

HR Imperials Just What I Needed
"Carly" is from our HRCH Indie x Int FC Apache Joe litter.  She's one of my favorite gun dogs due to her composure, cold-water tolerance, and prey drive.  She's quiet and reserved, and extremely biddable.  Carly has Excellent hips, a normal CERF, and is Clear for EIC, CNM, PRA, and is Yellow-factored.

SHR Imperials Have a Drink on Me
"Whiskey" is a Barbie and Lourde pup, whelped in November of 2020.  She's got her mother's talent, focus, and prey drive.  She was hunted sparingly in 2021-22, and her first live retrieve was a Pintail drake.  She was unfazed by the cold conditions, ice, and handled our outings like a seasoned veteran.  She'll get plenty more opportunities to hunt this winter, after she achieves her HRC Seasoned title.  All health clearances will be done once she reaches two years of age.

JJ profile 12-22.jpeg

SHR Imperials Bad Reputation
"JJ" is from our now-retired  Mattye's final litter.  For this last breeding, we chose to pair her with our own HRCH UH Imperial's It's Good to be King (Petty).  JJ is all we could have hoped for, as she possesses her sire's boldness and focus, and her mother's classic Labrador Retriever features.  JJ will begin Seasoned-level training in the spring of 2023, and we're very excited to see her potential realized.

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